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CMP Field Trip

The CMP students had a short tour of the The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Campus, Creation/engineering labs, and were given information on the degrees offered at MIT.

Our next visit was to the New England Aquarium where CMP students were immersed in the habitat and ecosystem of Aquaculture. The students listened to informational sessions on marine mammal research and marine mammal health, and were able to touch the aquatic mammals. They were invited to learn about the geological evolution and origin of the Galapagos Islands by viewing a 3D IMAX Theatre Production. The students had a great experience, were able to explore on the aquarium environment and left with a positive impact and new perspective on the aquatic ecosystem.

The students in the CMP Group are Justin Clarkson, Xavier Vargas, Jamaal Joseph, Inoah Lewis, Riley Cordeau, Muhamed Elsayed, Ryan Brunelle, Nigel Clarke, Tyler Brousseau, Mateusz Cornejo, Oshanti Dyer, Angelia Fields, Thomas Czartoryski, Michelle Baranovski, Gulmira Niyazova, Makayla Cruz, Samantha Josephs, McKenzee Disimile, Mia Vazquez, Kaylee Robinson

The CMP Mentors are Mr. Guler, Ms. Wisclo, Mrs. Temple, and Mr. Modzelewski.