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Schools Match Wits

   Created in 1961, the show is one of the longest-running academic quiz shows in the country.  In fact, As Schools Match Wits has been around for over 20 years longer than even America’s beloved game show Jeopardy (which first aired in 1984)! Students answer a series of questions from six different categories which consist of: Literature, Math and Science, Social Studies (including civics, geography, etc.), World Events (history, and current events), Arts and Entertainment, and General Knowledge (including sports).  Points are awarded to the team/ high school with the correct answer per question and whichever group of students with the most points in the end wins the match.  Towards the end of the ASMW season, it is determined which 8 high schools had the highest number of points during the qualifying rounds and it is those 8 schools that are allowed the opportunity to compete in the play-offs.  From there, a champion is crowned. 

Our school, Hampden Charter School of Science, was led by Ms. Magnan into its first ever ASMW competition this past Saturday, October, 28th, 2017.  Although our school was not on this season’s roster to compete (and was initially going to compete next fall), due to an unexpected opening in the show’s schedule, we were given the opportunity to compete way earlier than originally expected.  A select group of students were chosen to represent our HCSS: Victoria Younes, Thomas Czartoryski, Natasha Kezer, Jerry Moore III, Michelle Baranovski, Victor Moreno, and Kyren Harris.  With only two weeks to review the show’s setup and procedures, as well as take the time to study relevant academic material, our students dove head first into this wonderful opportunity! Going head to head with Lee High School, a school who has competed for years on this show and who studies weekly to adequately prepare, our students really showed how naturally brilliant they are. 

HCSS started out answering a few questions correctly and thus put themselves on the scoreboard first.  The match carried out in similar fashion- with our students performing well.  Unfortunately, farther into the competition, our students answered quite a few qualifying questions incorrectly which prevented them from earning points on subsequent questions (If your team does not answer the qualifying question correctly, then they cannot move forward to earn points on the succeeding questions).  After earning a good amount of points and then sadly, losing quite a few points, the final score ended up being 160-60 with us on the losing end.  Our students left feeling quite proud nonetheless!  They really did amazing as a team!  Despite the lack of preparation time and despite their knowledge of the show in general, these students showed great charisma and energy.  The official show will air on January 6, 2017 at 7:00 pm on channel 57 WGBY.  Be sure to tune in and watch our wonderful students!!

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