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Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


The mission of the HCSS is to provide a college preparatory-focused education to the youth of every race and ethnic group in Chicopee, Ludlow, Springfield, and West Springfield in a safe, academically challenging, and caring educational environment. Our promise is to sustain small school size, provide extended math and science curriculum, individualized attention, college guidance, university outreach programs, and to encourage student-teacher-parent partnership. Our mission will empower our students with the support necessary to reach their highest intellectual, emotional, social and physical potentials building on the inherent promise to aid students’ preparation for college.


The vision of the HCSS is to increase the rate of college entry of the students in Chicopee, Ludlow, Springfield, and West Springfield communities with excellent learning opportunities that are exclusively designed for the college preparation in a technologically rich- environment. The vision of the HCSS is shaped around the needs of students in these districts. Due to low performance rates in math and science MCAS exams, our curriculum will mainly focus on mathematics and science education as well as other major academic areas: arts, language and social studies. The HCSS aims to decrease drop out rates and increase college entry rates in these districts. Therefore we will provide college guidance to our students and encourage all students to not just graduate but to pursue higher education. Individualized attention, tutoring, university outreach programs, social projects, and various creativity outlets such as lab projects, science fairs, debate contests, and trivia competitions will provide an enthusiastic, dynamic learning environment as well as encourage all students to think independently and creatively. The HCSS will give the most importance to the family involvement. The instructors will be committed to teaching. The HCSS will use external and internal assessment methods to measure the success rate of our students. Each year the rate of college entry will be analyzed by a committee of teachers and if it is necessary, the curriculum, the teaching methods, and the supporting modules will be improved. In addition to the fundamental academic skills, the students will gain excellent reasoning and problem solving skills. Therefore, the graduates who do not plan to attend colleges can use these skills in their future career choices.