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Science Fair Goals

Science teachers have many reasons why we believe the Science Fair is an invaluable experience for our students. Some of the top reasons or goals that we hope our students achieve are:

1.  to stimulate interest, curiosity, and desire to explore the mysteries of the world.

2.  to learn, understand, and apply the scientific method.

3.  to provide real experiences and methods by which all scientific knowledge has been and is still being gathered.

4.  to help develop skills in communicating both verbally and in writing.

5.  to help develop skills of interpretation and analysis of data.

6.  to learn how to complete long range projects.

7.  to acquire skills of research using a variety of resources such as the Internet, interviews, books, magazines, etc.

8.  to show a connection between what is learned in the class and what happens in real life.

9.  to promote unique opportunities for us (teachers) to work individually with you (the student) in an interdisciplinary project.

10.  to foster independence in the student by providing the opportunity for you to take initiative and responsibility in studying a topic for your own learning.


Categories for Participation:


  • Must have a real world application
  • Follows Scientific Method
  • Must include proper data and analysis of the data
  • Must show evidence of the data collection process

Engineering Design:

  • Must have a real world application
  • Actual product must be present
  • Must show evidence of Engineering Design Process