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School Parent Communication Protocol

Hampden Charter School of Science (HCSS) administration, faculty, and staff are eager to accommodate your needs, questions, and concerns in the most efficient manner. HCSS encourages parents/guardians to address their questions and/or concerns directly with the teacher or the individual staff closest to the source of the question. For example, the child’s teacher is the most appropriate person with whom to speak regarding a question about his or her school progress, classroom behavior, and educational program as he/she is most familiar with the child.


The school has guidelines that allow for fairness and consistency as we serve our students and families. Our school community understands that clear, two-way communication is a vital component to a healthy school environment.  If you have a question or concern, please follow this communication protocol:


1 – Contact with your child’s teacher or staff who is closest to the source of your question.


2 – If the concern still persists, then contact the grade chair. The Grade Chair will then work with your student and you to try to work out the problem. They will divert your concern to the appropriate school personal (such as the School Adjustment Counselor, Dean of Academic, Dean of Special Services, Dean of Students (High School), or Dean of Students (Middle School).
3 – If the concern is not addressed with the proposed resolution by the appropriate school personal, you should contact the Dean of Academics, Dean of Special Services, Dean of Students (High School), or Dean of Students (Middle School).


4 – If the situation still remains unresolved, you should contact the CEO, Mr.Topcuoglu, ttopcuoglu@hampdencharter.org | (413) 593 9090 x200.